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Douro trip was just amazing

It is evident you have a fabulous relationship with Luis. He absolutely went above and beyond in so many ways. Not only did the two of you plan an wonderful itinerary, we felt totally taken care of the whole time. The fact that he flip flopped our stay in order to try and make the Douro trip was just amazing. Then to totally handle the car situation was just kid glove service. It is also incredible that we all have you for advice when things like the car situation arises.

MB, Century Travel, 2016-05-10

Enchanted with Portugal

"You did a wonderful job putting together a delightful trip for us. I am truly enchanted with Portugal and so glad we spent our entire time there! The people were so warm and welcoming! Both of our guides were wonderful and really gave us a sense of the place, its history and charm. I have been telling everyone they should visit (and use your services to plan the trip, of course!)."

Trudi L, 2014-11-28

Owr guides were awesome!

"Our guides were awesome - Marga and John we great. I assumed that our tours might be till 2:00 pm or so but we had good long days and saw so many places! At Porto we so much enjoyed the stop at the monastery on the way to Douro. Also thought the wine tasting at QM was great as well. Will talk about the soft riding in the vineyards later but we had a picnic at the top of a mountain overlooking the Douro river! It was terrific. My camera ran out of battery and Marga and Samuel took pictures."

Mary T (USA), 2014-10-01

A lot of highlights

"Thank you so much for putting together a wonderful trip. There were a lot of highlights. Not to be missed moments include obidos with Fabio. Douro valley. Restaurant DOC and the vineyard tasting at N. Hotel in Porto and Marriott by the ocean were fantastic and private tours with Grace who was just wonderful. Again thank you and I will omen you and hope to work with you again."

Sharon R, 2014-11-28

Our family trip was great! Thank you Mr. Travel for a spectacular service.

"Planning our family trip way easy! We told Mr. Travel "We are 12 and want to have a great week in Portugal" ... and that was it!
A great trip, a great selection of places, restaurants and special events!
We loved it! ... Thank you Mr. Travel for a spectacular service."

Mary Anne Sisley, 2014-01-15